Pedal Pumping Feet - Sexy pedal pumping girls

Madame Marissa had a new stick shift as she was tired of her old one and wanted an upgraded version. She took it for a drive and she loved how fast it was and it made her feel alive as she sped off into the country roads where she loved to drive to unwind whenever she needed some alone time. From her smiles, she had made the right decision about it.

Madame Marissa had a lot of stress at work and she wanted to escape from it all for a few hours before she went back and dealt with it all. So she got behind the wheel of her manual car and she enjoyed revving it up and then speeding off. She loved how therapeutic it was when she changed gears and stepped on the gas pedal. It gave her the escape she needed.

Madame Marissa loves to come off as intimidating to her dates on the first day just so she can see how they handle it. When she realized that her date did not know how to drive a manual car, she knew she had found something to dominate him about and she made sure that she rubbed it in his face as they went for a drive and she showed off her skills.

Madame Marissa wanted to show off her stick shift driving skills as she knew her current boyfriend did not know how to do it. She laughed at him as he tried and failed. Then she showed him how she did it and she did it with her high heels. It was fun watching him feel challenged and vow that he would go and learn how to do it so that they could be driving together.

Madame Marissa was curious and she wanted to know how her feet behaved when she drove her manual car. So she set up a camera and she recorded herself as she drove around town. She did not have anywhere particular to go and was just driving around so that she could record herself and then go back to the house to watch. She is that weird and loves crazy stuff like that.

Madame Marissa loves to drive and today she had the perfect plan. She wanted a weekend getaway for herself and she wanted to get the best of both. She would enjoy a great drive and she would also get to stay in a great place. So she got behind the wheel and she had a great time pedal pushing to her destination. Needless to say, she had a great time.

Madame Marissa wanted to show her boyfriend how to handle traffic and she did it in a manual car which he could not drive. She also did it in high heels which he could not do. She sped and managed to beat traffic most of the time and he was shocked that she knew how to be fast, knew shorter routes and still not cause any accident. She had to teach him.

Madame Marissa has an addiction to pedal pumping and she wanted to break it. She spent a lot of time on her car pedal pumping for the adrenaline rush it gave her. She was better than most guys when it came to it and she knows how to drive with shoes, with heels and while barefoot. She went out for a drive today and she strained to make sure she did not speed or do anything crazy.

Madame Marissa needed money so she took up a side hustle where she made deliveries after work. She made some good money doing it and it was a lot of fun for her that way. She, however, had to learn to drive with her high heels as she loves wearing her high heels and she did not want to remove them when she was driving and that is how she learned to become good at it.

Madame Marissa had the whole weekend ahead of her and she wanted to relax and unwind after a hard but successful week at work. So she got into her stick shift and she had fun starting it up, revving it and speeding off. She loved driving in the empty winding country roads with great views. It was great for her soul and made her feel great and the trip was worth it.

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