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Madame Marissa had a lot of stress at work and she wanted to escape from it all for a few hours before she went back and dealt with it all. So she got behind the wheel of her manual car and she enjoyed revving it up and then speeding off. She loved how therapeutic it was when she changed gears and stepped on the gas pedal. It gave her the escape she needed.

Madame Marissa loves to pedal pump and she does it often. But she is always doing it in flats and today she wanted to try it in heels. She knew it would be tricky so she prepared well for it and she did not plan to speed like she usually does. So she wore her heels, got behind the wheel, revved up the engine and she drove away. It was challenging at first but she was surprised at how quickly she got the hang of it and became comfortable to drive a stick shift in heels.

This mistress used pedal pumping to scare her slave. She did it in a way he never expected and he was shocked at what she did. The mistress told him that she would crush his balls the very same way she was crushing and pumping the machine with her foot. He watched as she did it and he was scared of her doing that to his nuts. He obeyed her to avoid that happening.

Mistress Minnie loves driving but she does it barefoot. She finds it more comfortable to do it that way. When her boyfriend found it weird that she does that, she had to get him to try it and they were both shocked that she could not do it. So she had to teach him how to do it because his male ego was hurt and he did not want to be beaten by his girl.

Madame Marisa wanted to feel the exhilaration that came with pushing a stick shift sports car hard. She had sold hers but a friend of hers still had one so she went and borrowed it. It was a lot of fun to the point that it was almost orgasmic for her. She loved everything from releasing the clutch, revving it, changing the gears and everything about it. She was even tempted to buy one.

Madame Marissa loves cars and she loves speeding. She was told by a friend that the best kind was the stick shift. She wanted to feel the adrenaline rush that came with pushing the gas pedal and shifting the gears. So she borrowed her friends car and as she revved it and pushed it hard, she understood what he said. And that is how she got herself one of them.

Mistress Marleen wanted to try out this old car which she had not driven in quite a while. She was shocked that it could even start although there was a little hesitation before she gave it gas and it finally started. The mistress loved the feeling she got and the nostalgia that came with it. The memories came flooding back and she spent hours inside the car as she took a long unplanned drive.

When this mistress was working on her car, it started smoking and she felt like smoking as well. She went to the house and came back with her pack of cigarettes and she took one out, lit it and she smoked as she continued working on her car as she liked to work on her own cars instead of taking them to the mechanic. She loves cars and knows how to make them.

Mistress Valentina knows how to use her car for therapeutic reasons. She had broken up with her man and she used her car to get over the breakup. The mistress devoted her time and energy on the car. She loved driving it and she made it a project car by enhancing its performance. By the time she was done with it, she was over her ex and she was great being by herself.

Mistress Machina loves her car because it has a powerful engine and when she starts it and revs the engine, it produces some orgasmic vibrations for her. Whenever she is horny, she always gets a mini orgasm from that. Then she speeds off to wherever she was going and it is always pure bliss for her. That is what she was enjoying today as she felt a little bit horny.

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