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Madame Marissa has an addiction to pedal pumping and she wanted to break it. She spent a lot of time on her car pedal pumping for the adrenaline rush it gave her. She was better than most guys when it came to it and she knows how to drive with shoes, with heels and while barefoot. She went out for a drive today and she strained to make sure she did not speed or do anything crazy.

This mistress wanted to go camping and she felt that it was something she needed to do with her old car. She was always afraid of it breaking down on her on the way so she only used it for short trips and distances. But today she decided to take a chance and go with it for a weekend getaway. She was surprised how well it drove and it took her and brought her back without breaking down.

Mistress Luna knew that her friends could not drive a stick shift. So she came with a manual transmission car and she got them to try it and they could not. Then she asked them to get in the car and she pedal pumped and pulled stunts she knew they could not. All this while they felt jealous about not being able to do any of the things she had done.

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